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Cathryn Fox's Hands On Serial

Cathryn Fox's next addition to the Hands on serial is out!
Body Contact 
This one will leave you hot!

5 Stars
Is it getting hot in here or is it just me??? OMG don't read this while the kids are up, it takes part one and just makes it juicer. Who knew exploring sex was so freaking hot?
This is part two of the hands on serial, it leaves us dying to know what adventure Jake will take Danielle on in the next book. This book introduces Danielle further to the world of kink. It's hot and sexy with still giving us glimpses at the two characters personalities. Can't wait for book 3

Haven't read book One? Buy it Here!
5 stars
OMG! Fans face! This is scorching, panty melting hot.
Inexperienced Danielle needs some lessons so she can teach her new class... on sex
What is one to do? ask a sexy football player of course.
The story starts out very entertaining with her friend Violet giving her some advice is funny and enjoyable. After that scene things heat up you you won't be to put it down. leaving you at the end panting for book two.
DO NOT attempt to read this in public, it's that hot!

Sand Castles

I love building sandcastles.  The beach we swim at takes a 15 minute break every two hours.  What better way to entertain 5 kids through the break than building a masterpiece.  I have found the cheaper the sand toy, the worse it works.  We have tried 2 or 3 products from Amazon that I have been very happy with. 

A fun set of sand toys! We love playing in the sand. At the beach, every 2 hours the lifeguards take a break for 15 mins, great sand castle building time! And the more tots the better (so please excuse the mass number in the picture.
So this set comes with multiple sand toys from buckets, rakes and shovels to sifter and crabs
The roller toy to leave an imprint in the sand doesn't work great on our beach which is pretty rocky, I'd live to try it on some pure sand as it looks cool!
The sand slides easy out of the bucket and crab to make some great designs. The rake, shovel etc are sturdy and don't break easy. A great gift for any kid who lives playing in the sand (or mom ;) )
Product received at discount in exchange of an honest review.

A bag full of fun.  This huge assortment of sand toys comes with two bags for storage, a plastic one and a mesh bag for easy clean up.  The toys themselves are strong plastic that can stand up to lots of child abuse.  With a variety of molds, shovels and rakes, any kid should have a blast at the beach with these toys

A year later and we are still playing with these toys, they hold up very well.  

And since we are at the beach, here's my new swimsuit.  It's very comfortable and the straps don't fall down as easily as my old one.

This is a very comfortable well fitting swimsuit. I don't normally wear one piece swimwear as it's not long enough in the body but this seems to work just fine. The swimsuit stays in place great. The material is stretchy and covers up some heavier spots on larger woman. The skirt is nice, but does blow up in the wind or waves. The design is beautiful. Both my daughters have agreed this is better than my old bathing suit.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Who Doesn't love to lay outside, Relax in a hammock and read?  But as we get older and heavier, we might start to worry about...
Will that hammock hold me?
How will I attach it to the tree?
What will I do with it when I'm not using it?

Recently I received this awesome, easy to install Hammock to review.  It is completely easy to install, Holds 400 lbs. (yes I tested it) and it has it's own carrying case that is nice and compact.

5 Stars

OMG! It works easily! Full disclosure, I have two perfect trees with splits about 6-7 feet up that we wrapped the straps in so they could not fall. I'm not sure how the straps would do on a straight tree. Set up takes just a few minutes and is easier with help unless you have skinny trees.
The 400 lb weight limits was hard to buy and a bit scary as the strap settles into the tree as you add weight. We started with 205 added 120 then cautiously added 70 with no difficulties after the initial settling!
The hammock is very comfortable but could use less fabric. Even with 3 people, we had fabric flopped over on us.
Easy to get in, a bit clunky to get out of, just like any other hammock. Very pleased overall! If you are looking for an easy to install hammock, this is the one!

And an extra note. I have 5 kids and 3 big dogs.  The kids LOVE this hammock, the youngest dog thinks it needs knocked down.  After a week of kids being kids in the hammock, It is still in the same shape.  

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Starting Over

I originally set up blog to share whatever was on my mind, I veered off course and started just c&p a bunch of book stuff.  This blog became work and not about Me, the original purpose.
So I'm going to get back on track.  I'm going to share my 5 star experiences with you..  Please feel free to click the links, like my reviews, comment on the blog and send me any questions ( Like hey Crystal have you tried one of those blow up couches, why yes i did and the dog popped it)
No More C&P Everything will be the things I personally found i like.

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Release Day **** Heartbreakers and Heroes

Love doesn’t always play by the rules in these twelve sexy HEARTBREAKERS AND HEROES stories about a brotherhood of men bound together by their troubled youth and the mentor who taught them the rules for becoming men of honor. These all new romances from USA Today bestsellers and your favorite contemporary authors are guaranteed to get your heart pounding.

Purchase this summer’s must read collection of swoon worthy heroes and the ladies who love them TODAY for just $0.99 through the following booksellers:

Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble  |  Kobo  |  iTunes

About the books in the HEARTBREAKERS AND HEROES Box Set

HIDING WITH THE HEARTBREAKER by USA Today bestseller Virginia Nelson
Rule: Protect the innocent.
Making people laugh for a living is easy, but when a beautiful stranger needs Aloysius Sutton’s help, he has to find a way to become Jude’s hero.

“When they found you and Mr. Braunberger, you were with the victim,” said the female officer.
“Yes, I ran to his side when I thought he might have been hurt.”
The woman nodded. “I see. Yet you didn’t make a sound or call the police or 911 at that point?”
Shaking her head, Jude twirled her ring. “No, because I wasn’t sure what I saw.”
“I see,” said the woman, jotting something down. Another officer entered the room and whispered something to the male officer.
“Miss Cramer, is it true that you exchanged heated words with Mr. Braunberger earlier today?” he asked.
Spinning the laptop to face her, he played back the security footage of her and Braunberger talking earlier that day. It looked incriminating. But she hadn’t done anything. Surely…
“I’d like to speak to an attorney, please,” she said.
Copyright © 2016 by Virginia Nelson

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HOW TO UNBREAK A HEART by USA Today bestseller Jennie Marts
Rule: If you love her, don’t let her go.
Solitary cowboy, Trip Turner finally has a chance to correct the mistakes he made when he let the woman he loved walk out of his life twelve years ago. But now that Bre Wilson is back, will he be able to unbreak her heart?

He tried to keep the images of Bre Wilson from flooding his mind, but they were there—hell, they were always there—under the surface, like the ache in a sore tooth. A reminder of the woman he’d never been able to forget.
Copyright © 2016 by Jennie Marts

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SECOND CHANCE HERO by Michelle Major
Rule: A real man doesn’t build himself up by tearing someone else down.
Travis Jackson might not be the white knight Hailey Moore needs, but he'll risk his future to win her heart.

“Here’s what I know, Hailey. I know you deserve to give your heart to a man who wouldn’t be fool enough to let you go.”
Copyright © 2016 by Michelle Major

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HERO IN DISGUISE by Sharla Lovelace
Rule: A real man doesn’t buy respect, he earns it.
Billionaire playboy Jake Jericho thinks he has it all, until one phone call reminds him otherwise. Can one week in disguise reform this trust fund playboy, or will his deception destroy the only real love he’s ever known?

“Feel that?” He pressed her hand to his chest. She felt heat. She felt his heartbeat racing. She felt too much. “That’s me, Harper. That’s my heart going ninety miles an hour just because you’re standing in front of me. I’m still me, regardless of what my name is.”
Copyright © 2016 by Sharla Lovelace

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Rule: Never leave your woman unsatisfied.
Can Stefano and Roxie resist the heat flaring between them or will working together force them to face their rocky past and give them the happily ever after they deserve?

Stefano swallowed. Hard. His new employees talked to him, but it turned into background noise. Moisture evaporated from his throat, and even before his brain named her, his body responded. Roxie Sullivan. Those two words were the blood thrumming through his veins. They were the tight string stretching across his shoulder blades.
Copyright © 2016 by Carmen Falcone

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Rule: A real man never kisses and tells.
When an A list actor returns to his hometown, old wounds and fresh gossip emerge... along with a second chance at love, if he’s brave enough to stick around.

“I thought you didn’t do it in cars anymore?” He dragged his teeth across her sensitive skin and she gasped, “I guess you’re the exception.”
Copyright © 2016 by Codi Gary

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Rule: A real man never breaks a woman’s heart.
Can Olympic mountain bike champion Ryder Bennett and his public relations rep Addison Carrington keep things professional between them this time around, or will they risk a sexy scandal for a chance at love?

He lowered his mouth to hers, intending to give her a simple brush across the lips. One that danced on the edge of friendship, and skimmed around the border of his desire and stopped short of leading to more than they could handle. But when they connected, she felt so right and sweet in his arms that all of his good intentions shot into the stratosphere and flew over the Montana mountain range.
Copyright © 2016 by Christine Glover

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HER UNWANTED HERO by Veronica Forand
Rule: A real man always helps someone in need... he may be the only one who does.
A disenchanted police officer must choose between keeping a woman’s affection or keeping her alive.

“If you need anything, holler.”
Holler? He needed to stop acting like she was a contagious disease and make a move.
“Hey,” she hollered.
That got his attention. “Are you okay?”
She smothered her laughter. “I need something.”
“Anything.” He looked like he meant it too. He’d probably run out for ice cream if she asked. Men could be so dense.
“Rocky Road ice cream.” His brows furrowed. Was he thinking of the logistics of buying dessert at one in the morning? Seriously? “Umm. Sure. I think I can go to the 7-11.”
“That would take too long. What about if I just take you instead?”
A flash of hesitation crossed his expression and then he stood. “Me?”
“Yeah. Ice cream would be a bit more satisfying, but I figure you’d do.”
He remained welded to the floor in front of the couch.
Self-doubt crawled back into her conscience. She’d taken a chance and lost. No harm, no foul. “Never mind.”
She retreated toward her bedroom. By the third stair, his hand rested on her hip, causing her to stop and turn.
Copyright © 2016 by Veronica Forand

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Rule: A real man never lies, especially to a woman.
Ty Preston ran out on the woman he loved twelve years ago, but now he's back to prove he's a changed man. However, Rayne can't risk getting her heart broken by the cowboy again.

He was so close she could feel his warm breath against her ear and, in spite of how much she wanted to hate him, she leaned back against into him, letting his strength support her, like she always had. Ty had been her rock from the day they’d met. It was instinct for her body to crave his touch, but she knew she had to fight it. His lips brushed the shell of her ear, and a shiver of longing raced down her spine. “I left Saddle Creek for you, Rayne, but I’ve come back for the same reason. I lied when I left. I loved you then, Rayne.” His voice was husky with emotion, making her entire body quiver from the inside. “I’ve never stopped loving you.”
Copyright © 2016 by T.J. Kline

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Rule: Love should always be fun.
She’s about to change this playboy’s rule book.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a geeky blow-up doll of a guy who looks like a cross between Chris Hemsworth and PeeWee Herman. With glasses?”
Copyright © 2016 by Jodi Linton

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Rule: A real man always puts his best foot forward…
Zeke always planned to steal her heart, but she left him on base. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and Charity is up to bat. Can she tell her two-all stars the truth or will a foul end her best chance?

Surprise flickered in his blue eyes, and she dropped her gaze to study his very kissable mouth. On that thought, she pushed out of the chair and he let his hand fall away. For a moment, hurt turned down the corners of his mouth and fresh regret stung her. She hadn’t meant to react so badly.
Catching his hand before he could walk away, she searched for the buoyant mood she’d had earlier. “I’m sorry. Maybe I am tired. I didn’t mean to snap. The coffee smells good…care to have a cup and watch me eat one of the cupcakes I made?” They’d been a final surprise of the day, Andie had adored hers but, based on his earlier comment regarding his diet, it hadn’t surprised Charity when he’d declined one of his own.
His tongue swiped over his lower lip. “Watch you eat a cupcake?”
Copyright © 2016 by Heather Long

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Rule: A real man never touches the hired help.
Can Savannah teach serial heartbreaker Walker to be domesticated in ten days and convince him that maybe they can have a shot at a ‘them’ or can Walker convince Savannah there can be a ‘them’ on his terms only?

“Savannah, I know you’re checking me out.”
“You’ll need a couple of Sherpas to climb your Mount Everest ego because I was not checking you out.”
He turned and grinned. “I don’t have an issue with you checking me out. I just wondered if you liked the view?”
Well, only a blind nun wouldn’t mind taking in that view.
Copyright © 2016 by Hayson Manning

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5 *****

This is a collection of 12 books based on one man who in some way saved the life of each man and taught them to be a man. Each short read is independent of the others but may tie in characters as guys they were on the ranch with. I'm over halfway through the box set and absolutely love each book so far! This box set is well worth the purchase price and so much more. 

Hiding with the Heartbreaker
Virginia Nelson
5 stars

we start with a heartbreaker who is a bit of a hero. after witnessing a murder, Jude goes into hiding with rich playboy, joker Al. Their few days together are funny, Jude is scared, nervous and uptight and balanced with Al's laid back jokester lifestyle.
a really good short read that brings the two characters to life. I'd love a sequel to see what happens with these two. a few Awe tears at the end.

How to Unbreak a Heart
Jennie Mart's
4 stars

Second chance romance meats another Heartbreaker. Trip ripped out his and Bre's hearts when he left her. after years apart and a lot of growing can the two rekindle what they once had? Trip is a sexy reformed bad boy who did a bit of time in Juvie. Bre is a heartbroken successful vet. Both are great characters and the story of their reunion is electric.
The back story of why Trip left is a bit of a stretch, I would have liked a bit more drama to it after the build up. Short stories are hard because you are often left wanting more more more.

Her Heartbreaker Boss
Carmen Falcone
5 stars

a third heartbreaker and another second chance. After losing her virginity to her friend, he took off never to be seen again... Well until he buys the company she works for. 
Seeing Stefano again and as her new boss who wants to change everything really throws Roxie for a loop. But she is able to maintain her strong personality and fight for the things she believes in and her job. she is a great strong character and was a real pleasure to meet.
Stefano is also a head strong reformed heartbreaker. He's made a great success out of life and I really enjoyed the banter between him and Roxie and how sexy is it that he's good with kids! 
A little drama, a little sexy and a lot of over coming the past made this a great read.

Her Unwanted Hero
Veronica Forand
5 stars

Yay! we found a hero. and who better than a man in blue. Her Unwanted Hero is full of scary truth. Ms. Forand brings domestic violence to light. Shedding light on a truly horrible problem and the men determined to stop it. add in a bit of friends to lovers and it makes for a kick ass hero story that brings a few tears to your eyes.

How to be a Heartbreaker 
Codi Gary
5 stars

This was fantastically fun read. another Heartbreaker leaves his mark, but gets a second chance. The banter between Bash and Ashlynn will leave you laughing and feeling good. add in a huge dog who has a thing for crotches and it's a very delightful read

Reforming the Heartbreaker
Christine Glover
5 stars

Normally by this point in a box set I've skipped a book or two or found one that's only 2 stars or so. This is such an amazing set if authors I'm in another 5 star book.
This PR nightmare was really fun to read. Ryder pushes all of Addison's buttons. We have another Heartbreaker with the opportunity to right his wrong and show Addison she is not fatty Addie. With the pressures of negative press and the truth hanging over them, this book keeps you entertained the whole way through.

The wonderful authors of the HEARTBREAKERS AND HEROES Box Set are offering up a fabulous prize during today’s Pre-Release Celebration event. One (1) lucky winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below: