Friday, December 12, 2014

Canvas Lap top bag anyone?

So this neat thing happened a few weeks ago.  I got an email.  This is so and so from such and such company, we seen you are an amazon top reviewer and was wondering if you would like to tryout and review our canvas bag for us.
Um free, Yep, I dig free.
So about a week later this canvas bag comes in the mail! well packed for some odd reason including bubble wrap, so as far as packaging goes, over kill.  
Anyway, I hand the bag to Erika, say abuse this thing and tell me what you think.  (my kids are hard on everything and go through several book bags a year because i am basically cheap)
One week out and the bag looks good as new, the seams all look strong and the zippers work perfect (buy a cheap bag and you will see why i say that)  the inside is padded for a laptop, but we have not tested this theory out as Erika has a school issued bag for her laptop.
 Pretty outside, different pockets inside
So my review is posted and i will try and remember to update it as the bag is used more.  I'm gonna turn it into a snack/diaper bag for Sat. basketball game!
This bag is strong and durable and my 13 yo loves it. Its seams are all very tough, zippers work well. I told my daughter to take it to school and abuse it and she has had zero failures. She's pretty rough on bags and typically goes through 2-3 a school year, ripping zippers or seams. I'm confidant this will last longer. Only had it one week, but I will refresh this review when she causes damage.

The outside of the bag has a nice graphic. The inside of the bag is well padded. I do not think I would toss a laptop in then play Frisbee with the bag, but I believe it would protect through daily school use.

So they are now sending me a flash card that records to test drive.  who wants to have a meeting to try this bad boy out?? lol.