Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Decorating

Yeah it's December, Decorate the tree, make cookies, hang lights, get ready for Christmas

WAIT, WHAT??? do you know what they will do to decorations?  My kids destroy everything, not to mention the fact that they will take it upon themselves to eat every last cookie in 12 hours to prevent me from gaining 100 lbs. (very considerate don't you think?)

So this year, we change things.  We put up that 9 yo Christmas tree , we hand $4 worth of dollar store lights, the we make our ornaments!  Construction paper here we come!  Now it doesn't matter if we destroy it, it doesn't cost much and we can do it again next year!
So paper chain, check! oh wait now what?  I'm not creative.... Pinterest here we come!
my pinterest follow my boards, i might do something neat someday :)
This is easy right?  I mean i have glue sticks, i have Popsicle sticks, I have some fussy balls and glitter and crayons.  WE CAN DO IT. Oh wait, what? i need real glue because glue sticks will never work?  wait, it's stuck in Ellie's hair, why is Jay pink?  Another trip to the store for real glue and we are off again.
Tada I'm awesome!
Step three: Learn a new language
Ok so this isn't the real link i used, but in my mega knowledge of all things pinterest i might have forgotten to repin this one.  But this is a 2 for one, follow the pictures, see what i did and learn a new language all at once.  put seriously cut a bunch of circles, fold in half, glue one side to the side of another circle and repeat until you have about 10 circles together then glue the first circle to the last circle, hole punch it somewhere and attach a string.  prepare for the glue nightmare this will cause.  i had to wash the table a million times.  
 Wala another ornament.  good job mom

Now for project 4: i did this all on my own :)
snag some cookie cutters, trace them on paper, cut them out, have a cute kid like this one color them, whole punch, attach string and hang! easy peasy.
^^^^ Cute kid

And hang
 ^^^ more cute kids! nice job kids
Don't forget to find a picture of the tree without the nakid child in it :)
^^^ 2 weeks later, notice the lopsided ornaments and the row of lights no longer missing.
Happy holidays folks enjoy it.