Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Madness

AKA Cookie Making

It's that time of year to make more cookies then anyone could possibly ever eat, hand them out to people who probably made a billion of their own and call it Christmas.

So today is our day
so far we have made:
Gingerbread men
sugar cookies
chocolate chip cookies
and Mexican Wedding cookies

still up, Peanut butter cookies

So we made these guys and used a simple pinterest icing for the best sugar cooking icing.  it's pretty yuck.  powdered sugar, milk, corn syrup and lemon juice ugh

So then searching for a good icing recipe (love my fb friends ) I might have over cooked my sugar cookies.
anyway this is a good recipe. I was concerned at first as the "dough" is really loose (like peas) but it comes together enough to roll out and leaves you with a plain boring sugar cookie.
as you can tell Sugar cookies are not my favorite, but a good icing makes a good cookie so my Facebook friends came to my rescue and with in minutes i had 5 recipes.  i went with the first one up.
somewhere on this pageJenny Cookies
Is this recipe
It's pretty good!

My favorite cookes are these

those i might have ate a few :)