Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hi, I'm a full time MOM, scary right?  it is.  I have 5 crazy kids all with their own unique personalities.  The youngest two are a handful but they make my day very entertaining.
Notice only 4 kids are in this picture, that's right, the youngest doesn't care for people.

My other half, he drives truck over the road.  I miss him all the time.  we used to milk cows together, spending 95% of everyday together, now i'm lucky to get 6 days a month :( but that's life.
Anyway, since he's gone so much, at night, after the kiddos go to bed we text each other or i read and facebook, rarely i watch tv (chicago fire, firemen are hot).  I read A LOT of books.  I also review a lot of books (i happen to be on Amazon's top 10,000 reviewers, i know big whoop, but people send me stuff to review now :) )
I'm a member of a few author street teams and like to join "release" parties on face book to learn of new authors and great books to read.  Currently i am reading books that are either on Kindle unlimited, free or ARC.  (i accept arc ;) )
I enjoy doing crafts with the kiddos, but i'm not good at them, so i'm traversing the world of pinterest to find things to do.  I will blog about my christmas tree later.
I also enjoy cooking from scratch.  I grew up on boxed meals but now hate them.
Lastly i'm attempting to lose a few lbs, i'll let you know how this goes.

So i started this blog to share the books i'm reading, books i've read, craft projects that anyone with fingers can do and awesome recipes i find.  I hope you will check in and see why i'm up to from time to time!