Monday, December 8, 2014


A year and a half ago I started reading books by Lisa Crane, I read her series McKenna's Haven and sent her an email to let her know how much i enjoyed it (except the title to book two and I'll never stop pestering her about that lol) She brought me to the world of facebook and taught me the importance of leaving reviews and how they help authors out greatly.  This was my start, now I've written over 300 various reviews and now get contacted to read books or try products all thanks to me being cheap, reading free books and tossing up simple reviews.

Here's Lisa's author page on Amazon Lisa Crane.  Go follow her and get update, anytime someone is looking for a new book to read, she is one of the top authors i will jump to to recommend!  She writes really nice clean books that anyone could read, Love them!

Delaney's peace I think this is my favorite book of hers right now, but the whole series is great!

All of her books are on Kindle Unlimited and if you look at the author notes you might find my name in a few :)  Go check out this great ladies books!