Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Santa, My Elf

Coming to An Amazon Store Near You Soon
(said in my best announcer voice)


My Santa, My Elf by Lisa Crane

Last night in my inbox showed up a new Christmas short story from Lisa!  Boom, I ditched the book i was reading and got started.  By 11 pm I had finished my read, sent my thoughts and review off to Lisa and climbed into bed cheesing like crazy.

5 stars!
My Santa, My Elf
Lisa Crane
Will be availale later this week on Amazon.com, I will post a link up as soon as i have it.
My review
"Short fun little Christmas story. Short stories can be so hard because you can't punch everything you need into under 50 pages, or can you?  Lisa Crane has a wonderful ability of taking a light approach at a whimsical, whirlwind love story.  Giving you a beginning, some drama and a happily ever after. My Santa, My Elf is no different.  
The grandson of the owner, Jensen, is playing Santa and when his "elf" breaks her leg, the "dragon lady" (this had me cracking up) ask Piper, the housewares worker, to step in.  Jensen has been admiring Piper from a far for years, now he has his chance to wow her, but wait that nasty secretary is going to foul things up.

Great read, I had a cheesy grin on my face the whole time.  It's very magical, whimsical and Christmasy"

Be on the lookout for this fun short read!