Sunday, December 7, 2014

Princess of Thorns

I read romance books.  Christian, historical, lost love, found love, new love, hard core, soft core, smut etc. etc.  if it's in the romance section i'm going to give it a go.  I however am not a fan of fantasy romance books, vampires and werewolves etc. Not really my style so i avoid them.
Well an author friend of mine writes young adult fantasy books.  a month or so ago i read her book My so called death and I really enjoyed it, so when she asked me to read and review her book releasing tomorrow, I jumped on it.

So for the first time in years, I received in the mail and read a hard cover book, not a kindle, it was nice and different.

And she even signed it!

 So I start to read this and have great trouble putting it down.  At this point i realize why i love my kindle app on the phone, it travels with me and i can read with the light off after the kiddos go to bed. But fear not, i stayed in the living room and read half the book in one night. (it's that addicting) Then finished it in the course of 2 more days.  In perfect time for it's release.
I am slowly becoming a fan of fantasy books, at least this type.  Reading about Aurora and Niklaas' adventure in saving her Brother, His life and the world they know was fun and addicting.  The bonus with this book is it's completely clean and my 13 and 11 year old can read it now that I am finished.

Here is my review on goodreads
"This is from my typical reading preference,but I loved the change of pace. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ror and Niclaas story as they as Ror works to save her "friend" and Niklaas looks for Ror's "sister" Aurora.
A what happened after sleeping beauty woke up story was a great fantasy read. The quick friendship built between Ror and Niklaas on their journey to saving Jor is strong, but is it strong enough to the lies and half truths or omitted truths passing between the two. Who can they trust, who will help and who is Helping the Ogre queen? 
Just a great read.
This is the second Stacy Jay young adult book i've read and i love them both. Thank you for the great read."

Get this book, read it and share with your teens!

Stacey is running a contest on her Facebook page in prep for the release