Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cathryn Fox

Today is release day for book #3 Love Lessons!

What an amazing story i had the chance to recieve an ARC.  I've Fallen in love with Cathryn Fox.

My review!
I loved his story.  Gracie, a cartoonist, is challenged with writing a love cartoon for the papers Valentine's day edition.  Being completely naive, blind and almost dumb about love she feels doomed.  
In steps  hot best friend/coworker/neighbor Nick to save the day with love lessons.  Not only showing Gracie what love is, but trying to win her love.
With the help of his brothers and a go to for everything concierge, Nate gives us a can't put down story of opening eyes and finding love.
I found so many lines in this book making me grin from ear to ear that I have to share.
" The last guy she climbed into bed with went down on her like he was munching on one of Albert’s famous prime rib roasts. Cripes, she was about to ask if he needed a knife and fork."
" His sexy grin returned, and she crossed her legs to stop herself from handing him her panties."
" “No guy has ever shucked my oyster.” As soon as the words left her mouth, she cringed. “Wait, I think that might have come out wrong.”"
" “I mean the last time someone went searching in my mouth, I’m pretty certain it was for my tongue.”"

5 star book!  Great series, looking forward to reading more of this author's books

some buy links

Love Lessons (Stone Cliff Series, Book 3) by Author Cathryn Fox

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Good Books

a couple of good books just released out this week, add some more in the comments so i can check them out.  I'll do some reviews up this week on these two but wanted to get you the links.
Marquita Valentine Just released Love so Hot

Cathryn Fox Just released book two in the stone cliff series Wasted Summer

Check them out you'll love them!