Sunday, March 22, 2015

Odd Items that are Handy

I get request in the email to try a product to review.  some are pretty silly and useless, some are things i'd never actually think to spend money on, but actually find kinda handy.
So i've reviewed about a billion backpacks/bags and those i can always use, but what about a card holder or blue tooth speaker, do i really use them? Yes
Here are a few things and what we use them for.  All reviewed by me

sensor activated soap dispenser
my review
I live in a household with 5 kids, 2 are special needs. We can not have bar soap in the bathroom because it does not flush well....the lid on pumper bottles of liquid soap is easily removed and filled up with water to make bubbles...
So when I was offered a chance to review this touch less soap despencer, I jumped on it to see if it solved our hand washing needs with out clogging the toilet or flooding the sink with bubbles.
After receiving and a week of forgetting to buy AAA batteries, its in the bathroom. My 11 yo figured out how to turn it on (I have issues with reading directions) and it works as directed. I don't think it puts out enough soap and have to run my hands under twice. The sensor is very sensitive and if your Despenser is to close to the sink handles, you will accidently set it off and have soap on your counter. Their is an annoying blinky red light that indicates its on, I'd prefer an on off switch.
So far in 2 weeks, my kids wash their hands A lot, but we are not going through an excessive amount of hand soap so this is a win!

Stainless steal ice cubes? really, this is a thing??? Yes and handy if you don't like water logged cold beverages.  Stainless steal ice cubes
My review
I am a sahm of 5. Cold drinks are a thing of the past unless you like them watered down. I can never finish a drink (alcoholic or non) before the ice melts. These stainless steal diamonds are perfect for me. I can chill my Pepsi without worrying about it getting watery. The cubes keep it cold for a long time so I can enjoy a nice cold drink!
I'd recommend this to anyone who doesn't like watered down drinks.
Safety warning, if your 2 yo shoves everything in her mouth, keep these out of her reach, I think they are to big to swallow but I would not bank on it.

Another of those will I ever use this products? Yes, Yes i do, it's got UNO cards in it now and i'm going to venture out and buy more cards for it! Card Holder
my review Sturdy case that holds a ton of cards. It comes with Velcro dividers so you are not stuck with just standard size cards. My little ones like to get into the cards and scatter them throughout the house, causing not only a mess but missing cards in the deck. This will give me a space to easily hold all our playing cards and put out of reach of little hands. The case seems very well constructed and the zipper/Velcro all work easily. A good addition if you enjoy card games and want them all in one spot

Another oh big whoop, WRONG I love this thing.  a better speaker than the phone that can follow me around, even in the shower.  water proof speaker blue tooth
my review I received this item in exchange of an honest review.
User friendly, hands down was easy to set up. Simply turned on the device and my phones Bluetooth and it automatically synched. Switching tracks on Spotify can be done by pressing the button.
A great way to listen to my phone music at a louder volume.
Speaker comes with charging cord, suction cup and clip. Suction cup and strong and could be used in the shower without Hassel.