Sunday, April 19, 2015

Surviving and Enduring by Michelle Leigh

Surviving synopsis: 
​Emma and her twin brother, Danny, managed to escape the horrors of their childhood and their abusive father when they were sixteen. They have spent the last seven years trying to survive the world and build a better future. When Emma starts a promising new job at the Alexander Marketing Corporation she meets the boss and CEO, Trace Alexander. The chemistry is instantaneous and, although they try to fight the inappropriate attraction, they tumble headlong into a scorching affair. Soon after, menacing events and threats on Emma’s life have them believing that their abusive father has finally found them and wants to punish her for leaving. One bad decision places Emma in the hands of the man she has been running from and threatens her very life.

my review  This is a story of a girl with a horrific childhood not only surviving, but excelled. Their are several descriptions of Emma's childhood that are very violent and not for the faint of heart, they are mixed throughout the book and play a big role in her adult life.
Trace is CEO of the company Emma just started working for, the chemistry is instant. Trace's actions are back and forth on whether or not he is into Emma or not.
Danny and Sam are Emma's brother and roommate both are likable characters .
I really got into this book and seeing a side of life that is not pretty. Michelle Leigh does a really good job of bringing it to life. What those kids had to deal with makes you want to save them and hurt anyone who did not help them.
This story leaves you with a cliffhanger ending
Some minor editing issues that are a bit annoying but did not detract from me enjoying the story.

Enduring Synopsis:
After Emma was shot and left for dead in an alley in Seattle, the assumption is that her father has come back to gain retribution for a past wrong. While she’s recovering, Emma stays with Trace at his condo where threats and continued problems seem to plague them. Then, when the problems focus solely on Trace, rather than Emma, they figure out that there’s more threatening these two than just Emma’s past. Now they need to figure out who would want to hurt Trace by hurting the one woman that Trace loves the most. 

my review  Enduring is the conclusion of surviving. The prologue aggrivates me because its a pure rehash of Trace and Emma meeting, written in Trace's perspective. I'm was literally scared I was about to reread the entire book of surviving from Trace's POV. Thankfully this is not the case. Their is some reminders from the first book, which I guess is nice if you did not read these back to back.

Anyway. Chapter one to the end- Awesome!! I dont get a big romance feel from Trace and Emma, but I'm sucked into the plot. With twist and turns and unexpected outcomes I was held captive to finish this story. Emma is a much stronger person in enduring who you just root for to get her HEA.
Much less violence in this book and a bigger look at the struggle of 2 16 year olds living on my he street.
Now I really want to know who Samantha ends up with !! ;)

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