Saturday, January 16, 2016

Love to Love You by Isabelle Richards

For richer or poorer, in good times and in bad.

After a long year of heartache and loss, Chase and Arianna pulled together the shattered pieces of their hearts and rebuilt a relationship that is stronger and more secure than ever before. Letting go of the mistakes of their past, their focus is on the future— their happily ever after.

Happily ever after…

Those three simple words are filled with so much promise, as though a wedding is the gateway to a lifetime of bliss. It sounds so easy.

When it comes to Chase and Arianna, nothing ever comes easy.

Now that Arianna is rebuilding her career and the start of the football season approaches, she and Chase are pulled in opposite directions. Hectic travel schedules, never ending work demands, and intense media scrutiny have the power shatter even in the most secure relationships Their relationship cracked under the pressure of their celebrity lifestyle in the past, for them to avoid repeating mistakes from the past, compromises will have to be made. Begging the question— how much are they willing to sacrifice? How far are they willing to go to save their relationship?

It’s one thing to say love can endure through “good times and in bad,” it’s quite another to mean it.  

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Chase and Ari are to die for. They've had ups and downs, breakups and makeups, good days and nightmares and now its time for happily ever after. but why should that be simple? Love to love you is a twisty turn run of events that just solidifies Chase and Ari's love for each other, making their relationship stronger with each new obstacle. 
This 5 star story is full of laughs, tears, naughty moments and WTF moments. I was cheering for the couple and wanted to kick a few people in their way. 
Just like Hate to Love You and Love to Hate You, this is a very long story, but it grabs your attention and makes it difficult to put down, their is no page filler, no repeat of the same events over and over, and no predictable parts. It's a captivating evolving story with zero dull moments
This series is a must read and I can't wait for the next Isabelle Richards series!


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About the Author
Isabelle Richards spent years as a speech writer before attempting to write fiction. An avid reader of all genres, Isabelle is drawn to romance novels as they provide an escape from daily life. Through her complex cast of characters, Isabelle creates a sanctuary for readers to dive into for a break from reality. When she is not writing, Isabelle works as an advocate for persons with disabilities in Washington, DC. Her two yellow labs are her writing partners, although they frequently sleep on the job.  
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