Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Final KO by Jessica Florence *** Blog Tour ***

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Title: The Final KO
Author: Jessica Florence
Genre: Erotica, Adult Romance
Release Date: January 14th

I fight bitches for a living.
Which makes finding a decent guy hard when you're a female MMA fighter. None of them have been my equal. I yearn for a man who can push me to reach new heights and challenge me. A man who will treat me like a lady then lift me up by my ass and impale me against the wall.

But when Arson Kade, MMA's top fighter and notorious manwhore declares he's that man for me I have my doubts. Any sane woman would.
There seems to be more to Arson than the rumors that surround him, but will it make me fall hard or run for the hills?
I know I've got no choice but to hold on for the ride.

It's the main event and my heart's on the line
But will it be the Final KO



Awesome! Take a very strong capable female who wants a real man and you have a great character! Rayne is an MMA fighter, she's strong, she's confident, yet she is still very feminine all she wants is someone who can be her partner, her dominate, not a mommas boy.
Arson is the top reigning fighter who wants more, he wants Rayne and he's going to give her the "flowers and F@#cs" she deserves.
I love both characters and the side characters. we see a serious and playful side. strength and weakness making well rounded story. The storyline is full of surprises, some that make your eyes bugout and go NoWay, making it hard to put down.

"“Unless you are going to lick the ice cream off my tits and fuck me hard in the park, then yeah, I’m sure.” The shocked look on his face told me he would not be doing that. Shame."

"“I am your f@#cs and flowers, Princess. I am your future. I will not take you until you get it.”"

"I want to be the one that holds you up when you feel you like you can’t handle it anymore. You are strong and a survivor. I want to be part of your passion. Fighting is your passion.”

About the Author
Jessica Florence, Kaleidoscope of Romance Writer of Surviving Valentine. The of The Heart trilogy, Evergreen,Guiding lights, and The Final KO. When she's not writing her next invigorating story. You can find her running her own business, and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest florida. Jessica loves to interact with her readers, find her on Facebook Blog
Twitter Email: JessicaFlorenceAuthor@gmail.com
Release Blitz (1)