Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lori Ryan's Serve and Protect

Serve and Protect
Hero's of Evers, TX book 3
Lori Ryan

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By the time she looked up from her computer, it was ten minutes before closing time. Only one or two patrons had interrupted her and she’d taken the vague idea of a female ATF agent and matched her up with a hero strong enough to match her heroine’s personality. She had a rough sketch of a plot that included the sabotage of the nation’s water ports and railway system by a zealot hell-bent on interrupting US trade abroad to support his isolationist beliefs. It was still a work in progress with a great many holes. By the end, the plot would most likely look nothing like it did now. But her creative juices were flowing, and that’s all she needed at this stage of the game. With time, her characters—even the bad guy—would start to speak to her, and she’d develop things further.
Ashley saved her work and shut down her computer, waving goodbye as the last of the patrons left through the front doors. She needed to walk the building and make sure no one was left in the stacks or in any of the meeting rooms or the children’s area. The quiet never unsettled her at the end of the night. Her library had always been a sanctuary for her.
But on this night, as she began working her way through the building, shutting off one light after the other, she felt trepidation creep up her spine and wheedle its way into her brain. She wondered if it wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave a few of the lights on in the library overnight. Then again, if she did, chances were John Davies or one of his deputies would come through thinking that something was wrong.
She forced herself to flip off the light in the children’s area, realizing she could hear her own breaths. She was breathing heavily and her heart was galloping at a much faster pace than it usually did. She laughed at herself, trying to break the anxious edge the air had taken on. Only it felt more like she was choking than laughing. She moved as quickly as she could into the main room, rounding the corner planning to douse the lights and grab her things before locking up for the night.
She didn’t scream when she hit the body.


5 stars
I love book 3 in Evers, TX! it's the perfect combo of suspense and romance.
Garrett is a yummy detective in charge of solving social worker, Alice's murder. Ashley is a success case of Alice's. She's strong even after everything that has happened to her as a child. the chemistry between the two is flirtatious and fun with a bit of sexy tossed in.
In solving Alice's murder, multiple twist are added leaving you guessing who is responsible and what other truths will come out.
a fast paced, can't put it down read!

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