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Road To Royalty bye Autumn Jones Lake

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Lost Kings MC Boxed Set, Includes Books 1-3, plus bonus material.

SLOW BURN (Lost Kings MC, Book #1)
Forced to represent an outlaw biker, a married attorney must come to terms with her feelings for her client while avoiding the danger he brings into her sedate life.
Love is the ultimate outlaw.
How do a lawyer and a badass biker with a heart of gold keep their love alive while their opposing worlds collide?
As a dark cloud descends over Hope and Rock’s already precarious future, will a long-hidden secret push them both past the point of no return?
Bonus Scene #1
Prom Dress
Bonus Scene #2
Prom Dress
PLUS, character interviews, and other exclusive-to-this-boxed-set material.
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I’m halfway to my car when Murphy’s voice stops me. “Hope! Wait up.”
“What’s up?” I ask when he reaches me.
“Nothing. Wanted to walk you to your car.”
My silence tells him I’m not buying it.
He opens my car door for me, and I toss my purse on the passenger seat but don’t get in. “What’s on your mind, Murphy?”
“Thanks for doing that for her today. Teller better have thanked you.”
“He did. Is that really why you raced down here?”
His grin falters. “It’s just…her mom’s never been around and her grandmother hated doing that kind of stuff for Heidi. Teller and I used to try…but it’s not the same.”
Damn. I’m going to cry if he keeps this up.
“I was happy to do it. We had fun.”
“Funny thing is, I know you mean that, Hope.” He chuckles when I frown. “I know you ain’t doin’ it to impress Rock. You got our prez so whipped he can barely see straight.”
“And you got no reason to wanna be in Teller’s good graces. Hell, you probably wanna smack the shit out of him.”
“I’m glad she has you now.”


4 Stars
I just finished this box set that takes us on the rocky road that is Hope and Rochlan. It's an enjoyable ride and i had High hopes that the box set completed their story, but it leaves you with a few questions. Unfortunately to get into the questions gives away what does and does not happen between the two. On the whole this was a fun ride of seeing the struggle between a Citizen and a MC President coming together. It's a fantastic fantasy and now i need the ending.

Book One Slow Burn
Not your average romance. Slow burn isn't just a romantic MC book, it also dabbles in married life and chose g to cheat or stay strong to your vows. Definitely not your average contemporary romance.
The MC part is pretty tame, the descriptions of debauchery are not as intense as other books and the Lost Kings are more into selling weed and clean strip joints then the harder life style of MC's. It's an exciting fantasy of straight laced mousy lawyer meets big bad MC president. lust at first sight on both sides. opposites attract.

Book two Corrupting Cinderella
5 stars
I don't read blurbs. I'm a cover girl and series lover. after slow burn, I felt Hope and Rock were pretty complete and figured book 2 was going to be Wrath and Trinity.... It's not, it's the continuation of Hope and Rock. moving past initial relationship and onto corrupting hope, introducing her to the MC . 
Book two brings a bit more realistic view of the seedier side of motorcycle clubs. We are shown danger and sex. You also see how hard it is to introduce a citizen to the world, both from the citizens pov and the president's pov. 
it's an interesting weaving tale that definitely holds my attention. the ending leaves it very clear book three is all about Hope and Rock, but I'm hoping to get some closure on other members. Wrath and Trinity. Murphy and Heidi, Z and lily

book three Strength from Loyalty
5 stars
A Continuation of Rock and Hope's love story. With more Twist and turns as we dig deeper in the reality of a lawyer with a MC president. book three did a great job of keeping my attention while adding to the depth of the story and relationship. Not only between Hope and Rock, but between the MC family. How they have each other's backs, even in sticky uncomfortable situations.


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Autumn prefers to write her romances on the classy side of dirty, and she's a sucker for a filthy-talking, demanding alpha male hero. The bigger the better. She believes true love stories never end.
Some of Autumn's favorite hobbies include reading, writing, acting, music and horror movies. When she's home, her faithful Pug is always by her side. She's an active member of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America.
Autumn was born and raised in upstate New York. She still enjoys all four seasons there with her very own alpha hero and their three rescue dogs.
You can find Autumn on Facebook and she always loves to hear from readers at:
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