Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cathryn Fox's Hands On Serial

Cathryn Fox's next addition to the Hands on serial is out!
Body Contact 
This one will leave you hot!

5 Stars
Is it getting hot in here or is it just me??? OMG don't read this while the kids are up, it takes part one and just makes it juicer. Who knew exploring sex was so freaking hot?
This is part two of the hands on serial, it leaves us dying to know what adventure Jake will take Danielle on in the next book. This book introduces Danielle further to the world of kink. It's hot and sexy with still giving us glimpses at the two characters personalities. Can't wait for book 3

Haven't read book One? Buy it Here!
5 stars
OMG! Fans face! This is scorching, panty melting hot.
Inexperienced Danielle needs some lessons so she can teach her new class... on sex
What is one to do? ask a sexy football player of course.
The story starts out very entertaining with her friend Violet giving her some advice is funny and enjoyable. After that scene things heat up you you won't be to put it down. leaving you at the end panting for book two.
DO NOT attempt to read this in public, it's that hot!