Sunday, August 14, 2016


Who Doesn't love to lay outside, Relax in a hammock and read?  But as we get older and heavier, we might start to worry about...
Will that hammock hold me?
How will I attach it to the tree?
What will I do with it when I'm not using it?

Recently I received this awesome, easy to install Hammock to review.  It is completely easy to install, Holds 400 lbs. (yes I tested it) and it has it's own carrying case that is nice and compact.

5 Stars

OMG! It works easily! Full disclosure, I have two perfect trees with splits about 6-7 feet up that we wrapped the straps in so they could not fall. I'm not sure how the straps would do on a straight tree. Set up takes just a few minutes and is easier with help unless you have skinny trees.
The 400 lb weight limits was hard to buy and a bit scary as the strap settles into the tree as you add weight. We started with 205 added 120 then cautiously added 70 with no difficulties after the initial settling!
The hammock is very comfortable but could use less fabric. Even with 3 people, we had fabric flopped over on us.
Easy to get in, a bit clunky to get out of, just like any other hammock. Very pleased overall! If you are looking for an easy to install hammock, this is the one!

And an extra note. I have 5 kids and 3 big dogs.  The kids LOVE this hammock, the youngest dog thinks it needs knocked down.  After a week of kids being kids in the hammock, It is still in the same shape.  

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