Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sand Castles

I love building sandcastles.  The beach we swim at takes a 15 minute break every two hours.  What better way to entertain 5 kids through the break than building a masterpiece.  I have found the cheaper the sand toy, the worse it works.  We have tried 2 or 3 products from Amazon that I have been very happy with. 

A fun set of sand toys! We love playing in the sand. At the beach, every 2 hours the lifeguards take a break for 15 mins, great sand castle building time! And the more tots the better (so please excuse the mass number in the picture.
So this set comes with multiple sand toys from buckets, rakes and shovels to sifter and crabs
The roller toy to leave an imprint in the sand doesn't work great on our beach which is pretty rocky, I'd live to try it on some pure sand as it looks cool!
The sand slides easy out of the bucket and crab to make some great designs. The rake, shovel etc are sturdy and don't break easy. A great gift for any kid who lives playing in the sand (or mom ;) )
Product received at discount in exchange of an honest review.

A bag full of fun.  This huge assortment of sand toys comes with two bags for storage, a plastic one and a mesh bag for easy clean up.  The toys themselves are strong plastic that can stand up to lots of child abuse.  With a variety of molds, shovels and rakes, any kid should have a blast at the beach with these toys

A year later and we are still playing with these toys, they hold up very well.  

And since we are at the beach, here's my new swimsuit.  It's very comfortable and the straps don't fall down as easily as my old one.

This is a very comfortable well fitting swimsuit. I don't normally wear one piece swimwear as it's not long enough in the body but this seems to work just fine. The swimsuit stays in place great. The material is stretchy and covers up some heavier spots on larger woman. The skirt is nice, but does blow up in the wind or waves. The design is beautiful. Both my daughters have agreed this is better than my old bathing suit.